Existing Fireplaces

Do you already have gas to your existing fireplace?

One of the most important aspects of a fireplace remodel, is if you have gas running to your fireplace or if you need a line run. If you do not have a gas line, do not worry – this does not mean that you are not able replace your fireplace. We can help you run a gas line to your existing fireplace and convert it into a gas fireplace. If you do not wish to run a gas line, you can opt for an electric fireplace or a specialty fireplace that can vent the fumes. 

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Is your fireplace masonry or PREFABRICATED fireplace?

Traditional masonry fireplaces are integrated into the architecture of a house. More often that not, they are constructed at the same time. However, this is not always the case. In contrast, a prefabricated fireplace is designed and manufactured in a factory that can arrive at your home – ready to be installed. Since these fireplaces are built in a factory, they are all up to grade and are ready to be installed in your home when they arrive. Masonry fireplaces will need to be checked and examined to be sure they are in compliance with your local building codes and ordinances. If you are looking to redo your fireplace, contact our fireplace service experts for help.

Frequently Asked Questions

Gas fireplace inserts are versatile and can completely change the design of your room. If you are converting a wood-burning fireplace to a gas fireplace, inserts can be installed in the existing masonry. These inserts come in a variety of designs and styles, we are sure you will find something you like.

Converting a fireplace can be more budget friendly than you originally thought. Converting a gas fireplace to a wood fireplace can vary depending on what your end fireplace result looks like. The price really depends on the extra work that is needed such as a masonry, gas line installation, extra or specialty parts and chimney construction or replacement.

Gas log maintenance is easy and convenient, which is a great reason for owning a set. There’s none of the hauling or sweeping associated with real wood, and no sparks to worry about as with gas logs. But to ensure they can do their job, gas logs require maintenance and proper operation.

Electric fireplaces produce enough heat to warm most rooms and still remain cool to the touch. Electric fireplaces do not have the hot metal casing, and are a safe alternative to traditional fireplaces for your home or business.